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Emma Varg is a high energy rock vixen with a definite mind. She’s been determined from the beginning and started writing her own material at 10 years old. To never take no for an answer and to be stubborn paid off. At the age of 18 she released her hit single ‘Cannonball’ for Marianne Records. During her six months long tour, ‘Cannonball’ entered the top 10 Swedish charts during 2005. Emma made an immediate national impact and while touring she moved to Gothenburg where she met the guys who would later become the new members of the band.


Emma Varg has since then played clubs and festivals throughout the country, she's been on national TV and has made a series of contributions in the studio and on stage for other artists - never intrepid to stretch the rules. She has also cooperated with some of the greatest songwriters and producers in order to finally get the long awaited debut album out there. And now it is finally done. The members of Emma Varg have earlier played in the band 'Lambretta' and freelanced with amazing artists. This combination is invincible.


Emma Varg delivers a tight-wrapped rock'n'roll production. The heavy metal sound in the music emphasizes the strength in her voice as she spits lyrics that speak of rage and betrayal. These are hot-rock-blasts for playing loud as you drive your car down the highway at top speed.


For all you lovers of blazing guitars, smashing drums and a hyperbole of attitude, you'll be thrilled with Emma Varg.


The new EP 'Surrender' is now available on Spotify.


sweden rock festival

Sölvesborg SE, June 7th 2017



Sweden Rock Festival is a rock festival outside the town of Sölvesborg in Blekinge in southern Sweden. The festival offers the best possible mix of classic rock, hard rock, metal, blues and related genres.

Sweden Rock Festival is today one of the most important rock and metal festivals in the world with 33000 annual visitors from more than 50 different countries. Acts like Kiss, Black Sabbath, Guns 'n ' Roses, Rush, Judas Priest, Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake, Accept, Alice Cooper, Soundgarden, Mötley Crüe, Scorpions, Volbeat, ZZ Top, Sabaton and In Flames have all played at Sweden Rock over the years.


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vicious rock festival

Trollhättan SE, July 7th 2017



The Vicious Rock Festival is organized once a year in Trollhättans Folkets Park - Sweden.

Two scenes, massive rock bands, associations and salesmen are in place.


Organized and presented by the Knorrfest Association, which for several years has run music festivals in the city in collaboration with Studiefrämjandet.


Their main sponsor is the award-winning bar Backstage Rockbar in Trollhättan.


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Released 2017 by EMMA VARG.



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Released 2016 by EMMA VARG.



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This Time

Released 2006 by Play Yard Records.



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